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Gold Prices have been absolutely skyrocketing lately.

In 2002 Gold was under $300 US per ounce in october 2009 its now trading at $1050.  It has outperformed almost every other investment during that time period including stocks , real estate , and interest at the bank by a huge margin.

Everybody has Gold fever lately with retail and private investors all taking advantage of this and making huge profits.

There are many ways to invest in Gold including Gold stocks , Gold bullion , and Gold coins.  Most investors prefer to invest in Gold coins as they are a very easy and practical way of investing in Gold.  You can buy coins from as little as $12.

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Why Gold Coins are an Excellent Form of Investment

Gold coins are the invention of history. They were first used as gift by Egyptian pharaohs in around 2,700 BC, and were later used as a form of money. Today, although not anymore circulated as currency, these items are among the strongest form of investments, with Australia providing the best coins in the world. While the demand for gold has increased to 36% or $29.7 billion, collecting or purchasing gold coins is then a very lucrative investment. If you are planning to buy gold coins, here are some important things you need to know to make good money from these coins.

Like other assets, you can only earn money from coins when they are sold. However, unlike real estate, you won’t spend any amount to ownership of these items. With these coins, you also don’t have to worry about carrying bulky assets around. And similar to currencies, there are some coins that have greater value than others.

Australia is known to produce many valuable gold coins and these are called the pre-decimal Commonwealth gold coins. Another great collection is the 1930 Australian penny, which is one of the rarest gold coins in the world.  If it is in excellent condition, it can cost as much as $200,000. Other popular choices minted in 1933 are the 1855 and 1858 Sovereigns, which are sold at $5,000.

Collecting gold bullion coins is also a definite advantage due to the fact that these coins have collector’s value than the value of the metal’s weight. Each year, Australia produces new faces to make sure that there’ll always be coins for the collectors to look for. This makes the price of the bullion coin above the price of gold bar.

Among the most popular gold bullion coins are the Gold Nugget and the Lunar series that are created by the Perth Mint in Australia.  The Australian Gold Nugget, also known as Gold Kangaroos, is minted in 99.99% gold. First minted in 1986, the reverse of the gold nugget showed various Australian gold nuggets. However, in 1989, the design was changed to feature kangaroos, which is Australia’s recognized symbol.

The popular Lunar series are also minted in the same denominations as the Nuggets and they are made from 99.99% gold as well.

One thing that also makes gold coins a great investment is that whether the price of gold drops, you can still sell it at higher price because of its face value. Thus, if for example, its price drops to $40 per ounce, your coin value per ounce is $40 plus its face value. Conversely, if gold increases to $5000 per ounce, you can definitely sell the coin more than that amount an ounce plus its face value.

When planning to invest in such assets, it is also important to remember that there are countries that implement regulations about how much of these precious metals one may own or store.

It’s actually easy to see why there are many people who want to buy gold coins. In addition, whether it’s global crisis or not, gold is always in demand and thus, gold coins, is an excellent form of investment.

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